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2015.07.10, 13:53

Confirmation of participation of Polish Air Navigation Services Agency in A6 group.


July 1, 2015. The acting President of Polish Air Navigation Services Agency, Magdalena Jaworska, signed a new "Memorandum of Cooperation" of A6 group in Brussels. Thus Polish Air Navigation Services Agency confirmed its participation in the circle of major European air navigation providers - next to the British NATS, German DFS, French DSNA, Spanish ENAIRE, Italian ENAV, Danish Naviair and Swedish LFV (representing the consortiums NORACON and COOPANS, respectively). From that moment, Polish Air Navigation Services Agency has not only been obliged to implement development plans of the European Union (ATM Master Plan, Common Projects, Deployment Plan), but it has also been entitled and obliged to actively co-ordinate its plans, development and implementation works within the group of  Europe’s biggest air navigation services providers. This should result in full infrastructural and systemic development of PANSA, allowing both to provide services in Polish air space and to provide these services to other clients.

The signed document replaced both the Letter of Intent concluded one year earlier between A6 and PANSA and the entire previous Memorandum of Cooperation of the A6 group, concluded in June 2011.

The Memorandum of 2011 concerned the cooperation of the five biggest ANSPs and the NORACON consortium within the scope of development projects of the SESAR Joint Undertaking program, ending in mid- 2016.

The Memorandum signed in Brussels not only broadens the circle of cooperating enterprises, but it also redefines the following areas of cooperation.

• SESAR 1 – the SESAR Joint Undertaking development projects ending in 2016 – encompassing the current signatories of 2011.
• SESAR 2020 – the second package of SESAR Joint Undertaking development projects, which is to be formally started up at the beginning of 2016, whereas, at the present moment, the members-candidates for SJU are preparing for the implementation of the projects.
• SESAR Deployment Manager – an institution established by Regulation EC 409/2013, associating not only the members of the A6 group, but also the airlines associated in the A4 group and the group of SDAG airports (SESAR Deployment Airports Group). The SESAR Deployment Manager coordinates the performance of implementation projects, resulting from SESAR Joint Undertaking development programs.
• Other operations that are not included in any of the above groups, like responses to INEA invitations for submission of offers co-financed from EU funds, or the cooperation of the A6 group with Eurocontrol arising thereof.

Polish Air Navigation Services Agency is a participant of SESAR Deployment Manager's projects and one of the signatories of the agreement establishing this institution. Within the framework of the SESAR 2020 program, however, it represents the B4 consortium, established by PANSA, the Lithuanian Oro Navigacija, the Czech ANS CR and the Slovak LPS. PANSA also participates in of the fourth operations area of A6, including the preparations of the NewPENS project, jointly implemented with Eurocontrol, aiming at the modernization of the ATM ground data transmission network. Any member of the B4 group is also entitled to participate in the fourth area of A6 operations.

All Memorandum of Cooperation signatories undertake to:

•Identify and ensure the utilization of best practices within the entire A6 group.
•Perform benchmarking activities to promote the best practices inside and outside the group.
•Establish a common communications strategy.
•Establish a common lobbying strategy through appropriate forums.

Within the scope of cooperation in for preparation and implementation of SESAR Joint Undertaking projects, A6 members undertake first and foremost to:

• Ensure that SESAR JU programs are used for operational and business purposes.
• Ensure co-ordination of the SESAR JU program management.
• Guarantee validation and verification (V&V) in SJU projects.
• Agree common operational methods in E-route and TMA environments to ensure systems interoperability and open system architecture.
• Ensure cooperation within the A6 group in terms of resource management.
• Ensure continuous verification of SESAR goals.
• Coordinated effecting alterations to the European ATM Master Plan.

Within the area of SESAR Deployment Manager, A6 members undertake to cooperate in scheduling SESAR solutions implementation, synchronization of implementations, SESAR Deployment process management, its implementation and financing through:

• Analysis of the degree of alignment of individual plans of A6 members and coordination of the common A6 implementation plan, aimed at the maximization of network benefits.
• Consolidation and promotion of a common A6 standpoint concerning the financing of the SESAR implementation plan.
• Joint application for EU funds for the purposes of implementation of the coordinated implementations plan.