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Air Traffic Control Simulators

Simulator operational workstations

Air Traffic Simulators are sophisticated electronic systems which enable computer memory to model airspace in a way that it resembles real traffic. During simulator training student air traffic controllers become acquainted with the basic elements of air traffic control, familiarize themselves with the operation, interrelation and transfer of information between specific air traffic control services. During pre-planned exercises student controllers are able to master air traffic control functions without the risk of delay or air accident.

Simulator operational workstations resemble air traffic control consoles used in real radar control room or tower control in respect of external appearance and functionality.

Simulator operational workstations

Tower Control Simulators (TWR) may be used independently, but usually they are connected with radar control simulators. Currently applied simulation systems must allow for independent representation of the environment characteristics with reference to respective air traffic control services simultaneously in several airspaces. Any simulated airspace has its own meteorological conditions, wind, general aviation activity, reservations and zone closures etc. Natural topography, airways, aerodromes as well as the characteristics of the radar in use create the exercise infrastructure, i.e. the environment of the training. The infrastructure may represent a real or a fictitious airspace, depending on the training strategy.

The advantage of simulator training consists in the didactic aim to be achieved by means of the given scenario. Due to that the simulators are used in both student controllers training and to carry out refresher training for operational controllers. Refresher trainings are targeted for renewing the operational skills of air traffic controllers and training of dangerous and emergency situations.

symulator 360

Simulator operators: pseudopilots conduct simulated correspondence with student controllers steering the aircraft in accordance with student's orders or the scenario of the exercise. They also suport additional fuctionalities e.g. changes of weather, course, altitude etc.