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All the maps have been updated with current RAD changes. Updated EPWA/EPMO ARRIVALS can be found here HERE and EPWA/EPMO DEPARTURES HERE. New connections for flights DEP LKKU/LKMT/LKPD/LKPO/LKTB via BAVOK can be found HERE Additional changes can be found in MAPS SECTION and include en-route maps for points ALUKA/BABKO/BOKSU/GOTIX/KELEL/MEBAN/PENOR/POKEN/ROLKA/RUDKA/SUBIX/SUPAK/VABER and ARR/DEP maps for EPLB/EPPO/EPRZ/EPZG. Additionaly General POLFRA map has been updated with FRA points and POLFRA points map with new ACC sectorisation.


New connectivities from DIBED to BOKSU/GOLAD/VABER and from TOMTI to AMROR/GOSOT allowed. Please find the updated maps for DIBED HERE and for TOMTI HERE.


All the maps on the POLFRA website has been updated with final RAD. The changes reflect the findings of the last validation with CFSPs and includes more connectivity options to EDDB/EDDT and minor changes in en-route connectivity. Please find the maps HERE.


Route Availability Document (RAD) has been published including POLFRA restrictions. It can be found at Eurocontrol RAD website.


From 17th to 19th January final validations of POLFRA in IFPS with CFSPs took place at Eurocontrol NM. POLFRA team would like to hereby thank all of the involved parties for the support during the validation.


In compliance with ICAO ANNEX 15, the POLFRA information will be published 2 AIRAC cycles before implementaition. The information will be available in AIP POLSKA from 03.01.2019. That includes AIP GEN 2.2, ENR 1.3, ENR 1.10, ENR 2.1, ENR 3.5, ENR 4.1, ENR 4.4, ENR 6.1. On-line version of AIP POLAND is available HERE

Minor changes to EPWA/EPMO mandatory connecting routes maps were made. The new maps are available at MAPS section or here EPWA/EPMO arrivals (mandatory) and here EPWA/EPMO departure (mandatory).


The POLFRA website is ON-LINE. First batch of information has been published, including general information, flow and airport connectivity maps, POLFRA area maps and documents.


The POLFRA INFO DAY for Airspace Users took place in PANSA Headquarters. All the materials from the meeting are available HERE


The POLFRA INFO DAY for Air Navigation Service Providers took place in PANSA Headquarters. All the materials from the meeting are available HERE