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Baltic FAB cooperation with Ukraine

This is another step towards closer cooperation between air navigation service providers located on the eastern border of the EU with Ukraine, which is a member of EUOROCONTROL, but not an EU state.
The memorandum was signed in Krakow, on September 12, 2017 by the President of PANSA – Janusz Niedziela, the President of ORO Navigacija Mindaugas Gustys Nav and by the director of UkSATSE Dmytro Babeichuk.
Under the memorandum, the parties will strive for intensive cooperation on aviation infrastructure development and airspace management, particularly in the area of the preparation and development of operating systems for air traffic control and the deployment of Free Route Airspace.
The actions and projects involved will contribute to the better planning and organization of air traffic management in this part of Europe.
Nine FAB initiatives have been taken;
*NEFAB (North European FAB): Estonia, Finland, Latvia, Norway.
*Denmark-Sweden: Denmark, Sweden
*BALTIC FAB: Poland, Lithuania
*FABEC (FAB Europe Central): France, Germany, Belgium, Netherlands, Luxembourg, and Switzerland
*FABCE (FAB Central Europe): Czech Republic, Slovak Republic, Austria, Hungary, Croatia, Slovenia, Bosnia and Herzegovina
*DANUBE Bulgaria, Romania
*BLUE MED Italy, Malta, Greece, Cyprus, (and Egypt, Tunisia, Albania, Jordan as observers)
*UK- IRELAND FAB United Kingdom, Ireland
*SW FAB (South West FAB) Portugal, Spain