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PANSA CEO Janusz Janiszewski: Digitalization can be a remedy for the COVID19 crisis

Janusz Janiszewski, CEO of PANSA took part in the online opening discussion “How to convert the challenges of COVID-19 pandemic into opportunities for ATM development?” before the 3rd Aviation Congress in Poland. The discussion was transmitted online on

Other guests taking part in this discussion were:

  • Razvan Bucuroiu, Eurocontrol, Head of Network Strategy
  • Valentin Cimpuieru, Director General, Romatsa
  • Rafael Gallego, ATM General Director, Indra Sistemas

Mr Janiszewski talked about how to find a remedy for the COVID-19 crisis in aviation industry via investments. He said that pandemic is like a time vehicle for the aviation industry. We took a step back to 2005 -2006 if we speak about number of flights, but at the same time just in one moment we went to the digital and modern future, from where is no way back. Mr Janiszewski said that we have to find such solutions which will help us to invest in scalability and resilience as they are crucial in the time of COVID-19 crisis, but also crucial for the future.

PANSA CEO said that digital technology in the ATM System has become essential and we should keep investing in new possibilities and emerging markets, like U-Space. PANSA launched the first operational in Europe and commercially ready PansaUTM system for drone flights coordination and flight plans management. Moreover, PANSA is building now an environment of internal competencies and external partnerships and R&D like NaviHub centre in Poznan to support the technological improvements and innovation goals. As a good example of investments Mr Janiszewski mentioned also that in August PANSA as the first ANSP in iTEC Collaboration signed the contract to implement iTEC system version 3 with Indra Company.

Speaking about new opportunities for the future investments of PANSA Mr Janiszewski said that PANSA ability to work closely with all aviation industry is being examined now – as we are in the process of the preparation of the concept of the Solidarity Transport Hub, which will change air routes in the Polish airspace. Such investment requires from PANSA services on the highest possible level despite the crisis. I am sure PANSA will address this challenge successfully and that soon we will be able to provide our services from one point in the country to another and then from one country to another, thanks to cloud based solutions such as iTEC.