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The Polish Air Navigation Services Agency (PANSA) has impressive record of Air Traffic Management (ATM) systems implementation. The PANSA journey with the ATM technology started from the implementation of the first automated AMS-2000 system in the 1990s, went through the Indra Sistemas systems in the 2010s, up-to the leadership since the 2020s in launching implementation of the latest V3 version of the iTEC Collaboration ATM system, targeting the virtual air traffic management model in Poland, Europe and worldwide.


Since March 2017, PANSA is one of the members of the iTEC (interoperability Through European Collaboration), where Air Navigation Service Providers (ANSPs) from seven European countries are working together with a technology partner Indra Sistemas to achieve smoother and more efficient ATM through harmonisation and development of an advanced state-of-the-art iTEC ATM system, fostering the Single European Sky (SES) deployment.

Together the iTEC Collaboration members account for the highest air traffic levels and largest areas of responsibility in Europe, of over 7 million flights a year and 18 control centres.

Within the iTEC Collaboration the ANSPs of Poland (PANSA), Germany (DFS), Lithuania (ORO NAVIGACIJA), the Netherlands (LVNL), Norway (AVINOR), Spain (ENAIRE) and the UK (NATS), work together to develop an advanced ATM system, including the 4D-trajectory Flight Data Processing (FDP) system, the Controller Working Position (CWP), and the Middleware iMAS system. The newest iTEC V3 ATM system will therefore result in operational savings, increased capacity, as well as optimum routes and thus less fuel consumption and CO2 emissions reduction.

The vision of the iTEC Collaboration is to deliver improved operational performance and increased cost efficiency through the introduction of a common concept of operations, common airspace architecture, common system infrastructure and a common ATM system.

Additionally, the benefits from joining the iTEC Collaboration by new partners from other countries in Europe and worldwide are development costs and time reduction, user-centered design built on partners best practices and potential risks shared amongst partners.

The cutting-edge innovations of the iTEC V3 ATM system and benefits of the iTEC Collaboration shall not overshadow own PANSA implementations, in particular the operational and functional definition of the current PANSA ATM system – Indra Sistemas-manufactured PEGASUS P_21. As its unique UX and HMI is currently under transfer to the new iTEC V3 system, the PEGASUS P_21 can therefore be perceived as an entry level to the world of next generation ATM systems, with wide expertise among European ANSPs and broad support of training facilities.

In August 2020 PANSA as the first member of the ITEC Collaboration signed an agreement with Indra Sistemas to jointly develop and implement the most advanced ATM system. PANSA know-how and experience, together with the dynamic development of the aviation sector in Poland, as well as the upcoming EU legislation changes, make that PANSA becomes a front runner and a leader in the ATM system implementation in Europe and worldwide Grzegorz Jankiewicz, Leading Specialist for Architecture and ATM Systems Development, 9 years of experience in aviation.