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PANSA launched WebCAT interface for airspace structures

The Polish Air Navigation Services Agency (PANSA) launched WebCAT, a graphic and text interface presenting the current-updated and planned status of airspace structures in Poland, based on PANSA’s Common Airspace Tool (CAT) system. WebCAT interface is accessible from a web browser and integrated with PANSA’s PANDORA aeronautical Information Display System (IDS) for operational use.

WebCAT features an intuitive and user-friendly interface with an optional cartographic background. The access from PANDORA aeronautical IDS level facilitates the analysis of data contained in the Airspace Use Plan (AUP) / Updated Airspace Use Plan (UUP) and allows for a reduction of hardware at operational working positions.

PANSA’s commercially available airspace management CAT in 2.0 version for countries characterised by strong air traffic and significant diversification of airspace structures (civilian and military), as well as aeronautical IDS PANDORA are operationally used by the Polish Air Traffic Services, including civilian and military Air Traffic Controllers and Flight Information Service Officers.

CAT system closely cooperates with Network Manager, the European air traffic management system, and thanks to a connection with the B2B Web Services, it automatically exchanges all information on activities of the structures included in the AUP, one of the key aeronautical documents used by sky users. CAT system provides for efficient management of airspace structures in accordance with the Advanced Flexible Use of Airspace (AFUA) concept on a pre-tactical level and in real time by activating and deactivating the structures and by changing altitude parameters.