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PansaUTM production tests completed successfully!

The nearly two-month production tests of the Polish Air Navigation Services Agency PansaUTM system were successful. PANSA representatives involved in the accreditation process of the PansaUTM system would like to thank the unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) operators for their cooperation and all submitted comments.

During the tests, UAV operators submitted over 150 mission plans, which were considered by employees of the PANSA Unmanned Aircraft Operations Department. Each approved mission allowed for the performance of a check-in through the DroneRadar application within the responsibility of the airport control tower (TWR) in Poznań – EPTR CTR.

Hundreds of check-ins were also carried out without requiring mission planning in the area of ​​responsibility of the flight information service (FIS) Gdańsk. Thanks to this, i.a. nonverbal communication between the UAV operator and the TWR controller or FIS informant.

In the near future, the PansaUTM system will be successively implemented in subsequent controlled zones of airports and FIS sectors, replacing manual coordination of UAV flights with digital solutions.

The tests proved that the proposed solutions will contribute to simplifying and improving the coordination of UAV flights in the Polish airspace and ensure an increase in the level of safety of unmanned flights and manned aircrafts.

PANSA requests that until the publication of information on the implementation of PansaUTM for operational use, the notification of UAV flights should be made by traditional means: by sending an e-mail with the form downloaded from the PANSA website.

*PansaUTM is a concept of digital coordination of unmanned aerial vehicle flights and management of applications and permits for flights in the Polish airspace, which includes PANSA’s proprietary operational solutions and the system part provided by the technology partner HAWK-E, integrated with Droneradar – which is the most popular application among drone operators in Poland.