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Statement regarding fake information about the closure of the airspace

The airspace over Poland is open, transit traffic over Poland is carried out all the time, and the Polish Civil Aviation Administration (ULC) and the Polish Air Navigation Services Agency (PANSA) did not receive a request from Russia for permission to fly for such a special flights.

According to the regulation of the Council of Ministers regarding the announcement of an epidemic emergency in the territory of the Republic of Poland and NOTAM, international flights to and from Poland have been limited since March 15, 2020, while transit traffic over Poland is taking place all the time. Charter airlines with Polish citizens on board and flights under the LOT Polish Airlines “#LOTdoDomu” program can still fly to Poland. Both ULC and PANSA do not limit humanitarian flights and operations carried out to protect the saving of human life or health, as well as cargo.

All aviation institutions in the country undertake actions aimed at limiting the spread of coronavirus, in accordance with the recommendations of the Government of the Republic of Poland and the Chief Sanitary Inspector (GIS).