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Statement regarding the conflict in Ukraine

GateOne members stand in solidarity with our fellow colleagues from UkSATSE, the Ukrainian air navigation service provider.

Our thoughts and prayers are with our colleagues from Ukraine who are now forced to switch from safe navigation of aircraft in Ukrainian airspce to defending their country so they can turn back to peaceful provision of air traffic services to all civilian users.

The conflict in Ukraine impacts the lives of all Ukrainians who are forced to flee, take shelter, or defend their country risking their lives. It is also impacting the aviation sector in Europe as it was just beginning to recover after the COVID19 pandemic. As air navigation service providers from Central and Eastern Europe, we are working relentlessly to ensure safe operations in our airspaces and will continue to fulfil this mission.

We hope the fighting will end soon and our members will be able to continue their plans to expand international cooperation for the sake of efficient air traffic, for example the free route airspace with Ukraine alongside DANUBE FAB, FABCE and cross-border operations with BALTIC FRA.

We praise the unity and support shown by the European Union and other states for Ukraine and we hope that aid will also be directed towards the air navigation service facilities and all affected aviation stakeholders.