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The Polish Air Navigation Services Agency (PANSA) ensures air traffic safety. PANSA’s key tasks include airspace management, which is the direct responsibility of PANSA’s Airspace Management Cell (AMC). The AMC receives requests to reserve airspace structures for purposes of training flights, air shows or military exercises. These requests can be submitted by any type of user, civilian or military. AMC operations personnel analyses the requests thoroughly, in which they are supported by Common Airspace Tool (CAT) system, designed by PANSA and now used and offered in 3.0 version.

CAT system is used for receiving and verifying structure reservations while improving the process of creation and publication of the Airspace Use Plan (AUP), one of the key aeronautical documents used by sky users. CAT system provides for efficient management of airspace structures in accordance with the Advanced Flexible Use of Airspace (AFUA) concept on a pre-tactical level and in real time by activating and deactivating the structures and by changing altitude parameters. CAT system closely cooperates with Network Manager, the European air traffic management system, and thanks to a connection with the B2B Web Services, it automatically exchanges all information on activities of the structures included in the AUP.

As a system designed and operated by an airspace manager, CAT is a (cyber)secure and modular solution meant for civilian and military entities, especially from countries that are characterised by strong air traffic and significant diversification of airspace structures. The architecture of CAT system allows it to be deployed fully or partially, depending on the current or future needs and requirements of its users, and to customise it to meet specific language needs and changing legal requirements (e.g. different national laws). At the same time, CAT system is compliant with applicable personal data protection laws (e.g. GDPR) and compatible with the existing air traffic management solutions in service with civilian and military airspace and air traffic managers (e.g. PANDORA for aeronautical information display and PansaUTM for UAV flights coordination and flight plans management).

CAT system is a solution that is safe, complete, flexible, coherent and open to exchange of data with other systems. It is used operationally by air traffic services (ATS), including air traffic controllers (ATC) and the flight information service (FIS) and, beginning in 2005, by PANSA’s AMC. CAT system has been in service with the Polish Air Force since 2008.

CAT system is particularly useful to those civilian and military entities which are responsible for managing complex airspaces combined with strong air traffic – Jacek Wyrwich, Head of the Airspace Management Unit, 22 years of experience at PANSA.

For military users, an important attribute of CAT system is its reliability, which has been proven throughout eleven years of nearly flawless operation. The most important advantage of CAT system comes in up-to-date display of airspace elements used and planned to be used by the Armed Forces. This increases the effectiveness of airspace utilisation and, most importantly, improves the safety of flight operations in the Polish airspace – Col Andrzej Cholewa, Military Air Traffic Service Office of the Polish Armed Forces.

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