PANSA services:

The Polish Air Navigation Services Agency (PANSA) has been managing air traffic in the Polish sky for 50 years now. PANSA ensures flight operation safety in the Polish airspace, which is the sixth largest in Europe.

As an organisation that is strategically oriented to safety, effectiveness and development, PANSA perfectly understands the current needs and requirements of the aviation market. The challenges related to ensuring smooth air traffic and effective airspace management, including matters of sustainable development and innovation, put PANSA in a position of competence and experience to offer the following consulting services:

A consulting service addressed to uncontrolled aerodromes, aeroclubs etc. covering design, validation and operational maintenance of new and existing instrument flight procedures – conventional (based on ILS, VOR and NDB) and area navigation (RNAV).

PANSA has designed and maintains operationally flight procedures for 15 controlled airports across Poland.

A consulting service addressed to civilian and military airspace managers, airports, aeroclubs, law enforcement and security services, critical infrastructure facilities, local governments and law firms, covering airspace organisation in the context of safe, dynamic and effective UAV flight management in controlled zones (CTR).

A consulting service addressed to civilian and military airspace managers, airports, aeroclubs, law enforcement and security services, critical infrastructure facilities and law firms, covering prevention of threats related to hostile use of UAVs and utilisation of counter-UAV systems (law and technology).

PANSA is responsible for, among other things, the world’s pioneering PansaUTM system designed for UAV flights coordination and flight plans management.

For 8 years now PANSA has been introducing increasingly more refined procedures for air traffic services and UAV operators that enable them to dynamically and effectively coordinate the parallel use of airspace by manned and unmanned aviation.

Depending on the Client’s needs.

PANSA’s consulting services are customised to the Clients needs and provided by experienced specialists with many years of experience in working for PANSA and other aviation institutions. The catalogue of PANSA’s consulting services is continuously expanded to successfully perform tasks and achieve targets assumed by our Clients.

PANSA cooperates also with other companies, law firms and individuals providing consulting services.

PANSA is the right consulting destination for entities that wish to employ the fast growing UAV industry in their business operations
– Maciej Włodarczyk, Head of the UAV Operations Management Unit, 13 years of experience at PANSA.

The Krosno Airport would like to order preparation of a GNSS procedure at PANSA. I like the professionalism of that institution and its ability to adapt the process to the budget realities of a small local government unit like Krosno – Katarzyna Bęben, President of the Management Board of Krosno Airport.


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