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Electronic Flight progrEss Strips system operationally deployed in Poland

  • EFES – a next generation Tower Flight Data Management system implemented
  • New system reduces ATCOs workload and increases operational awareness
  • EFES was prepared jointly by PANSA and Frequentis

Electronic Flight progrEss Strips (EFES) is a new, digitalised tool providing useful information about flights and allowing to reduce controllers’ workload. A next-generation Tower Flight Data Management system has been certified and operationally deployed in Poland. Thanks to it the operations personnel will also have a greater situational awareness, which is crucial for the air traffic management.

EFES acts as a centre of information exchange, a processor that makes the air traffic more predictable, flight operations safer, technical environment automated and network management easier. With entry into operations the Polish Air Navigation Services Agency deploys capability to serve as an information hub for tower-related data at all airports.

Flight related information is shown to air traffic controllers on the HMI interface that goes beyond trends or standards, allowing smooth transition into new system. Intuitive and adaptable interface is a key for high acceptability of the EFES among controllers.

EFES is a part of PANSA Digital Tower strategy: a programme that builds tower object – based services, targeting more flexible information sharing. Our goal is to present an object regardless of a source of information, whether it is a flight plan, a radar target or a video picture, it will be processed and delivered in the same way.

– Here in PANSA we can be very proud that such a great tool as EFES was implemented operationally, enhancing safety of aerodrome operations, improving the collaborative decision making and supplying controllers with a greater amount of important data. For the last four years we have been working on concepts that are bringing technology to all Towers, regardless of its size, with a goal to create a user friendly and supportive working environment to our controllers, but also to improve connectivity and predictability. The contract for the EFES system was a major step forward, a step which set our path for the future, also taking into account the future standardisation of the tower-related data. With greatest satisfaction PANSA confirms that the contract awarded to Frequentis AG has been delivered – said Janusz Janiszewski, President of the Polish Air Navigation Services Agency.

To achieve this goal PANSA and Frequentis set Tower Flight Data Object initiative – a cornerstone for unification of the airport-related information for improved management of flights – beyond existing borders.

We are constantly working on concepts that introduce new technology to, most importantly, all towers, in order to create a friendly and useful environment for our controllers, but also to increase the predictability and availability of information. EFES is a new quality at Polish airports, created on the basis of the Frequentis smartStrips solution selected in an open tender and personalized for the needs of PANSA. The contract for the EFES system was an important step forward, which set our path for the future, also in relation to the future standardization of data related to the tower – adds Jarosław Niewiński, head of innovation at the Polish Air Navigation Services Agency.

– It has been great to work with PANSA to support them in the next steps for digital tower data management. Tools which support controllers in their daily work are important for safely managing flights when demand and controller workload increases, but the digital tower of the future also supports business continuity in times of crises such as these – says Hannu Juurakko, Frequentis Vice President ATM Civil and Chairman of the ATM Executive Team.

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Every day Polish Air Navigation Services Agency ensures safety of passengers in more than 2,500 flights over Poland. We have one of the biggest airspace in Europe: over 334,000 km2. Almost a million overflights, approaches, take-offs and landings in 2019 were supervised by more than 580 air traffic controllers employed in Polish Air Navigation Services Agency, as well as almost 240,000 General Aviation flights under watch of the Flight Information Service (FIS). Polish Air Navigation Services Agency is also the only institution in Poland training and employing civil air traffic controllers (so-called ATCOs). We also provide Flight Inspection Services for monitoring the proper operation of ground-based navigation aids from the air.


Frequentis, headquartered in Vienna, is an international supplier of communication and information systems for control centres with safety-critical tasks. Such ‘control centre solutions’ are developed and marketed by Frequentis in the business sectors Air Traffic Management (civil and military air traffic control, air defence) and Public Safety & Transport (the police, fire brigade, ambulance services, shipping, railways). As a global player, Frequentis operates a worldwide network of branches, subsidiaries and local representatives in more than 50 countries. Products and solutions from Frequentis can be found in over 30,000 operator working positions and in approximately 140 countries. Founded in 1947, Frequentis considers itself to be the global market leader in voice communication systems for air traffic control with a market share of around 30%. In addition, the Frequentis Group’s AIM (aeronautical information management) and AMHS (aeronautical message handling) systems, as well as GSM-R systems for Public Transport are industry leading global solutions. The shares of Frequentis AG are traded on the Vienna and Frankfurt Stock Exchange under the ticker symbol FQT (ISIN: ATFREQUENT09). For more information, please visit