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Appropriate air traffic management allows reducing the impact of air operations on the environment. While caring for the safety of aircraft, the Polish Air Navigation Services Agency has been putting emphasis on environmental issues for many years. In its mission of responsibility, PANSA makes every effort to ensure that the undertaken operational activities contribute to measurable results in the form of reducing fuel consumption by aircraft and, consequently, reducing CO2 emissions.

The overall goal of the Polish Air Navigation Services Agency is to ensure safe, smooth and efficient air traffic. Where it is possible, the Agency is also implementing methods to reduce the negative impact of aviation operations on the environment. Activities in the area of ​​environmental protection are multithreaded and bring measurable effects. The solutions used by PANSA help reduce the amount of CO2 emitted to the air. Every day, PANSA ensures the sustainable development of navigation services while minimizing the negative impact of air operations on the surrounding environment.

PANSA’s other operational activities show savings and contribution to protecting the environment. The connections chain can be simplified to the common rule: the longer airmen are forced to keep their engines running, the longer aircraft produces pollution. Therefore – the shorter the route, the less fuel burnt, which equals to less CO2 in the air and better situation for the environment. Let’s not forget about the implementation of A-CDM (Airport Collaborative Decision Making) at the Warsaw Chopin Airport, which was possible thanks to the close cooperation between PANSA and the airport management. A-CDM helps ATCOs more effectively manage the traffic that is still on the ground, making it easier to predict and set the optimal engines start-up approval time – reducing the time needed for taxiing with engines running. Thanks to that solution less fuel is used by carries and it helps to reduce pollution and aircraft noise.

One of the main goals of PANSA ATCO’s is to minimise the impact of air operations on the environment. The obvious priority is to guarantee safety of the seamless air traffic in the Polish airspace. Whenever it is possible, however, PANSA’s operations personnel give pilots shortcuts to save time and reduce the distance. Those are allowed and accepted exceptions from carefully set eco-friendly and convenient flight procedures designed to provide order and safety to aircraft. Such permission however has to be given each time depending on the situation in the air – air traffic density, weather, etc.

Thanks to lowering the number of kilometres flown carriers save fuel, passengers save time, our environment is less polluted and people living in the vicinity of airports can be less affected by the aircraft noise. That positive impact is possible only thanks to the passion and professionalism of PANSA ATCO’s.

All activities of the Polish Air Navigation Services Agency in the area of ATM are dedicated to providing safe and secure air navigation services keeping in mind the environment and the comfort of airports’ neighbours. PANSA endeavours to fulfil desires of all stakeholders and to minimise aviation’s impact on the environment.