International affairs

The Polish Air Navigation Services Agency’s (PANSA) international cooperation is aimed primarily at achieving its strategic, operational and developmental objectives by active involvement in activities conducted by various international groups, initiatives and associations.

Thanks to its membership in such leading international organisations as ICAO, EASA, CANSO and EUROCONTROL, active cooperation with the European Commission and Network Manager, involvement in efforts to develop the Single European Sky, participation in SESAR Deployment Manager and SESAR Joint Undertaking projects, participation in key initiatives undertaken by air traffic managers like A6 Alliance, GATE ONE, B4 Consortium, as well as extensive bilateral contacts, PANSA actively shapes the current and future air traffic management sector in Europe.


PANSA closely cooperates with its Lithuanian counterpart Oro Navigacija, with whom it makes up the functional airspace block BalticFAB. Similarly to other European FABs, BalticFAB has been established under EU law. PANSA joins forces with Oro Navigacija to pursue operational, technical and communications cooperation with the adjacent countries and other European functional airspace blocks as part of the InterFAB initiative.

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