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Modern technologies are changing the polish sky

  • During the crisis, Polish Air Navigation Services Agency focuses on dynamic development of innovative digital technologies for aviation;
  • On Monday, the Agency together with its partners submitted applications to the National Center for Research and Development for co-financing of two projects supporting security and management;
  • Potential funding for PANSA amounts to 500 million PLN

Monitoring of air obstacles and development of personnel management processes are two research and development projects important from the perspective of Polish aviation and for which Polish Air Navigation Services Agency is seeking funding. Both projects are based on the development of digital technologies that ensure the highest level of safety in the Polish airspace and dynamic development of processes related to human factor management. On Monday, the Agency together with its partners submitted applications to the National Center for Research and Development for funding amounting to PLN 500 million.

The active search for funding for development of polish technologies is a part of PANSA’s strategy focusing on innovativeness and developing cooperation with services market, which allows the Agency to support the development of polish know-how and creates opportunities to promote polish achievements in Poland and around the world.

These two R&D projects carried out by PANSA will lead to even greater efficiency in managing the polish sky and maintaining highest level of safety in the airspace – says Janusz Janiszewski, PANSA president.

After the success of the pilot participation in the SESAR Program, PANSA is constantly actively seeking funding for innovation development. At the beginning of May, the Digital Poland Project Center awarded 61 million funding for the project “Digital Services for Unmanned Aerial Vehicles”, which PANSA implements jointly with the Ministry of Infrastructure and the Polish Civil Aviation Authority.

The Agency will allocate PLN 51 million from this project’s funding on the development of the PansaUTM system, the first operational drone flight coordination system in Europe. Thanks to the funds acquired, it will be possible to further optimize and digitize the processes necessary for the safe conduct of unmanned aircraft flights, from registration, certification, issuing licenses and providing on-line training, as well as solutions supporting the BSP risk analysis process. Thanks to the PANSA project, it will be possible to make the digital services available to any interested party, allowing efficient and safe flights with drones.

Digitization in aviation has gained momentum, so we are all the more pleased that the initiative of PANSA and partners focused on research and development of digital technologies, “NaviHub”, will be grow with new projects – says Jarosław Niewiński, Head of Innovations Unit at Polish Air Navigation Services Agency

Today, the agency is at the forefront of European development and implementation of innovative systems in air traffic management. Thanks to efficient management and technologies it is developing, PANSA is also a leader in reducing delays, and during periods of increased air traffic, it actively supports its neighbors in effective air traffic management