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PANSA services:

The Polish Air Navigation Services Agency (PANSA) is among Europe’s largest institutions that employ civilian air traffic controllers. As an organisation with strategic targets oriented to safety, effectiveness and development, PANSA perfectly understands the current needs and requirements of air traffic controllers and other operations personnel. Challenges related to digitalisation as well as easy and quick access to various types of information, and consequently maintenance of high level of safety and reduction of delays, require new technological solutions. The need to meet these challenges and adapt to the changing environment have made PANSA design and implement its own proprietary Information Display System PANDORA, which it keeps developing.

As a system that has been designed and operated by an airspace manager, PANDORA is a (cyber)secure and modular solution meant for civilian and military airspace managers. The architecture of PANDORA system allows it to be deployed fully or partially, depending on the current or future needs and requirements of its users. PANDORA system can be customised to meet specific language needs and changing requirements (e.g. SESAR Programme). At the same time, PANDORA system is compliant with applicable personal data protection laws (e.g. GDPR) and compatible with the existing air traffic management solutions in service with civilian and military airspace and air traffic managers (e.g. CAT for airspace structure management in real time and PansaUTM for UAV flights coordination and flight plans management).

PANDORA system is a safe, complete, flexible, coherent and open solution. PANDORA system is centrally managed and operationally used by all air traffic services, specifically by air traffic controllers (ATC), Flight Information Service (FIS) and PANSA’s Airspace Management Cell (AMC).

PANDORA system is a result of work of air traffic controllers and IT engineers. Designed to facilitate ATC operations, the tool has proven its worth so successfully that its user base is even larger now – Grzegorz Koślacz, ATM Project Specialist, 27 years of experience at PANSA.