The Polish Air Navigation Services Agency (PANSA) with its headquarters in Warsaw is one of Europe’s best institutions preparing civilian air traffic controllers (ATC), employees of and candidates to work in air traffic services (ATS) and providing training to employees of and persons willing to work in the aviation sector. The scope of services offered by PANSA is very wide and addressed to, among others, airline flying and ground personnel, employees of airports, aeroclubs, aviation institutions and state authorities, including the Ministry of Infrastructure, the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) of Poland and the State Commission for Aircraft Accidents Investigation, as well as drone/UAV operators, instructors and examiners, and aviation enthusiasts.

PANSA’s structures include PANSA’s own Air Traffic Services Personnel Training Centre “OSPA” which dates back to the beginning of the second half of the 20th century. At present, “OSPA” offers the following training and courses:

Aeronautical Data Quality (ADQ)

A 5 or 3-day on-site training for providers of data to aeronautical information products, covering AIS/AIM and ADQ-related subjects.

PLanning eXtensions (PLX)

A 1-day remote training for providers of data to aeronautical information products, covering operation of the PLanning eXtensions 2.8 version software, plus a month-long access to the PLX test platform.



A 2-day on-site training for Airport Operations Duty Officers, flying personnel, civilian and military air traffic services (e.g. AFISO), aeroclubs and aviation institutions, covering the new SNOWTAM form scheduled for introduction on 4 November 2021.


Basic Familiarization Course (BFC)

A 5-day on-site familiarisation training for persons interested in working in air traffic services (ATS) and all aviation enthusiasts, covering basic aviation terms and subjects.


Drone (UAV) Workshops

A 1-day on-site training for commercial and recreational operators of drone/unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) and training organisations that issue qualification certificates to operators of UAVs used for purposes other than sports or recreation (UAVO), covering aviation law, structure of the Polish airspace, aeronautical information, air traffic services, flight planning and reporting, and operations manuals.

Training programmes can be customised to meet the needs of specific clients - civilian and military airspace managers, airports, aeroclubs, law enforcement and security services, critical infrastructure facilities, law firms - regarding prevention of threats related to hostile use of drones/UAVs and utilisation of counter-UAV systems (law and technology).


Aviation English (AE)

An on-site course for persons interested in working in air traffic services (ATS) and all aviation enthusiasts, covering vocabulary and terms, application and pronunciation of aviation English (the duration depends on the client’s language level and needs).

Depending on the Client's needs.

Other training - customised

Most PANSA trainings and courses is compulsory and compliant with the guidelines of the International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO), European Union regulations and rules of the Polish Civil Aviation Authority. They end with the issue of relevant attestations.

PANSA trainings and courses are conducted in small workshop groups by experienced instructor staff – theoreticians and practitioners with many years of experience in teaching and working for PANSA and other aviation institutions.

PANSA trainees can use a modern building (completed in 2017) with advanced learning aids and multimedia rooms, including MicroNav Best air traffic control simulators and the PEGASUS_21 test platform with 24 double operations stations and 5 airport control tower stations (including TWR 360o). The trainees have access to sports facilities (swimming pool, sauna, fitness room, gymnasium) and eating facilities (restaurant).

Air Traffic Control (ATC)

Licence courses, basic and refresher training for flight simulation and operation stations training instructors and assessment staff as well as preparatory training for state exams for student air traffic controllers, air traffic controllers and flight information service/radar information service (FIS/RIS) officers.

PANSA ATS Personnel Training Centre’s modern lecture rooms, simulators for all ATC services and experienced theoretical and practical training instructors with unique knowledge and skills represent assets that help organise all types of trainings for candidates and air traffic controllers and FIS officers. (Klaudiusz Dybowski, Head of the Training Documentation Preparation and Standardisation Team, 40 years of experience at PANSA)

The name “Drone Workshops” itself is obliging, and the course is at a very high level indeed. The instructor focused strongly on the flight safety, operator awareness and practical use of the knowledge he passed on to us during the workshops. (Trainee of the Drone (UAV) Workshops)

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