Infrastructure is one of the pillars on which the Polish Air Navigation Services Agency (PANSA) relies in providing air navigation services. From land plots and buildings located at 15 airports across Poland to technologically advanced communication, navigation and surveillance (CNS) systems, PANSA has numerous infrastructure assets which can be leased/rented by private businesses without any detriment to the PANSA’s primary activities:

  • Rent of spaces (e.g. in buildings and on masts)
  • Lease of land and buildings
  • Lease of machinery and equipment
  • Provision of utilities
  • Telecommunications and teletechnical services (e.g. ATIS system, AFTN network and teletechnical ducts)
  • Other

PANSA has not only properties at 15 controlled airports in largest cities of Poland, it also operates radio location and radio communications centres evenly spread across the country, also in small towns. PANSA-managed facilities can be found all the way from Nowy Targ through Gąbin to Trzebielino. They include masts that dominate their neighbourhoods which can be used as e.g. base stations by mobile telephony operators or other entities that use wireless communications systems. (Jacek Staroszczyk, Business Development Senior Specialist, 10 years of experience at PANSA)

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