The Polish Air Navigation Services Agency (PANSA) is very much experienced how crucial is accurate and timely processing flight plans data for today’s airspace managers. These days air traffic management systems are required to operate with data from multiple sources, both civil and military. Additionally, all these data must be processed without any error or delay. To meet these modern criteria PANSA created its original TRack Adviser for Flight Information Concerns system – TRAFFIC.

TRAFFIC system

The purpose of TRAFFIC system is to deliver information from flight plans along with their subsequent changes and complementary messages, that are verified based on operational and legal requirements, as well as synthetic and semantic ones.

TRAFFIC system is solely responsible for processing and validating flight plans data before the information is sent to ATM systems. This process occurs both on pre-tactical and tactical phases of flight plans processing. Whenever it is possible, data from external sources is incorporated in the background, without any input from the user.

TRAFFIC system is safe, complete, flexible, coherent and open solution that enabled PANSA to meet the challenges of the ever growing air traffic volume in a seamless and user-friendly manner. At the same time TRAFFIC system is compatible with air traffic management solutions now used by airspace and air traffic managers, e.g. Common Airspace Tool (CAT) for airspace structure management in real time.

Accurate, timely, seamless and thus user-friendly processing flight plans data is crucial for modern airspace managers. (Sławomir Kruk, Head of Aeronautical Data Processing Unit, 31 years of experience at PANSA)

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