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The Polish Air Navigation Services Agency (PANSA) has been cooperating with airports and domestic and international air carriers for 60 years now. As an organisation that is strategically oriented to safety, effectiveness and development, PANSA perfectly understands the current needs and requirements of the aviation market. Challenges related to reducing delays, lower air operation noise levels, cutting down fuel consumption and consequently to the protection of the environment, require new technological solutions. In collaboration with other entities, PANSA has designed, deployed and is developing its original Advanced-Collaborative Decision Making system – A-CDM TERMINUS.


A-CDM TERMINUS system provides important data for planning and managing of airport traffic situations in sufficient advance. A-CDM, as a concept, and TERMINUS, as a TSAT (Target Startup Approval Time) generator for a better engine start-up planning, enable prediction and flow of information on aircraft handling within the airport (landing, completion of ground handling, take off). Close cooperation of all stakeholders, supported with that information, contributes to streamlining the entire process, which translates into operational, financial and environmental gains.

A-CDM means cooperation of all key stakeholders in managing air operations within the airport. It includes such stages as ground handling and joint prediction, planning and setting up the optimal times when aircraft can start their engines. TSAT is then fed into the European air traffic management system Network Manager B2B Web Services, with which A-CDM TERMINUS is connected. Inputting correct data on the current and predicted traffic situation improves appropriate management and control of air traffic flows from and to the airport.

A-CDM has a positive impact on reducing delays, lowering noise levels and cutting down fuel consumption, which translates into tangible benefits for airspace managers, airports, air carriers and entities that cooperate with them.

Designed in collaboration with the Frederic Chopin Airport in Warsaw, A-CDM TERMINUS is a system being developed by PANSA, as the airspace manager, which provides a (cyber)secure and modular solution also to other stakeholders involved. The architecture of the TERMINUS generator provides for either its full implementation as a part of the A-CDM system or a partial deployment as an Advanced ATC Tower system to meet the present and future needs and requirements of the users, as well as for adapting it to operate at airports of any manoeuvring area configurations. At the same time, A-CDM TERMINUS system is compatible with air traffic management solutions now used by civil airspace and air traffic managers, e.g. Electronic Flight progrEss Strips (EFES) system, Arrival Manager (AMAN) system for managing aircraft arrivals in the approach control, PANDORA aeronautical Information Display System and Common Airspace Tool (CAT) for airspace structure management in real time).

A-CDM TERMINUS system is a safe, complete, flexible, coherent and open solution that has been deployed at Poland’s largest airport – the Frederic Chopin Airport in Warsaw.

Efficient Advanced-Collaborative Decision Making (A-CDM) systems are becoming increasingly important, particularly at airports whose traffic capacities are nearing their limits – Grzegorz Koślacz, ATM Project Specialist, 27 years of experience at PANSA.