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2016.06.29, 16:00

On the 27th of June, the aviation environment met at the VII Aviation Breakfast, the main theme of which was the Central Airport project.


Organized by the Polish Aviation Market Portal (PRTL.pl), the industry breakfast was an opportunity for the environment to discuss the opportunities, constraints, solutions, and above all, the advisability of the implementation of the Central Airport project. Opinions of experts in this matter are divided, but the main conclusion of yesterday's lively discussion is the need to create a strategy for Poland's air transport, since it in fact may be the beginning for analytical work for the CPL (Central Airport). Aviation Breakfast was held on a one-off basis at the Polish Air Navigation Services Agency. Deputy Minister Jerzy Szmit from the Ministry of Infrastructure and Construction was listening in to the discussion.

It was attended by, among others, representatives of: The Ministry of Infrastructure and Construction, Department of Aviation of the Ministry of Infrastructure and Construction, Office of the Marshal of the Mazowieckie Voviodeship, Infrastructure committee at the Polish Republic Sejm, the Civil Aviation Authority, PANSA, Airports, Regional Airports Association, Polish State Railways, Polish Railways, the European Economic and Social Committee, Poznań University of Economics, University of Gdansk and the consulting company BBSG.

Mr. Sebastian Gościniarek from the consulting company BBSG made a presentation entitled the Concept for the Polish Central Airport - analytical works. The concept was made in 2010 by a consortium of companies with PwC Poland as the leader at the request of the Ministry of Infrastructure.

The purpose of the study was to present a comparative analysis of the two scenarios for the development of air transport infrastructure, i.e. a scenario taking into account the construction in Poland of a new, large Central Airport (CPL) and a scenario in which the port is not constructed. General conclusion from the study is that the construction of a new central airport in Poland will bring more benefits for the development of the Polish air transport sector, and furthermore all relevant decision criteria indicate that the variant assuming the construction of the CPL is more attractive than the variant assuming the expansion of the Chopin Airport.

Mr. Marek Serafin from PRTL.pl made a presentation titled Central Airport - the market and business perspective (the point of view of airlines), which compared two scenarios: I. Further development of the layout of the Chopin airport (WAW) and the airport in Modlin (WMI), and II. CPL south of WAW - a minimum of +50 kilometers. The main thesis of the presentation is that the duoport WAW / WMI has many opportunities to optimize and obtain additional capacity, whereas the CPL scenario contains a number of significant risks.

The CPL project makes economic sense only if the carrier based there (PLL LOT) becomes a network carrier that is many times larger, supporting in the CPL hub the multi-million dollar group of international transit passengers and significantly dominates the Polish market.

Professor Marek Rekowski from the Poznan University of Economics made a presentation titled 'Does Poland need the Central Airport?', pointing to the need to deal with CPL in the context of development of the entire aviation market, and in the broader sense - the transport market in Poland and Europe. It is necessary to develop a strategy for the development of Polish aviation market, which should take into account the challenges faced by the entities in this market - ports, airlines (mainly PLL LOT) and institutions (ULC, PANSA, ministries, ownership institutions). Air transport and its infrastructure should be an integrated element of the whole transport system, both European and national. Therefore, the strategy of development of the aviation market in Poland should be built in conjunction with the development strategies of other transport markets, especially the road and rail market. So far, each of these segments of the transport market is developed independently, i.a. due to the scatter of administrative powers.

During the discussion, the following important topics emerged:
1. All decisions concerning Polish aviation should have a European nature and take into account the European Integrated Strategy for Aviation. CPL is not the only investment project. It is a strategic project, in which the presence of a strategic partner would be of utmost importance.
2. The CPL project is large enough for its impact on the national economy to be taken into account. An investment of 30 billion złotys must provide an appropriate return on invested capital, erroneous analysis can lead to large losses.
3. Regional airports in Poland have been successfully upgraded, i.a. in preparation for Euro 2012, and have had such a great commercial success that the future development of communication aviation should be based on their potential. One may not allow for wasting enormous resources invested in regional airports, which must be settled.
4. The very construction of a new, ultra-modern airport will not generate additional traffic. The Chopin airport has many features of a metropolitan airport, and it is hard to imagine depriving the capital of the country of its own airport.
5. When making a decision on building the CPL, one has to take into account the huge number of factors. A key factor is the creation of a strategy for development of air transport.

The discussion during the VII Aviation Breakfast showed the importance to the aviation environment of the issue of creation of the strategy of development of air transport in our country. Such a big and complex project like the CPL should be implemented as an important one.